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Upholstery is one of the most important parts of your house. It gives you and your family a great place to comfortably sit or even take a breath. This is in addition to the fact that it also adds to the aesthetic nature of your house (i.e. in terms of attraction and decoration). It is therefore very important to know how to properly maintain and clean your upholstery. Many may believe that upholstery cleaning is only for creating an attractive look but basically, it is about making your home environment a healthy place to live in. With time, dust and bacteria tends to accumulate in the upholstery (especially within the fabrics). Regular upholstery cleaning is therefore necessary because it helps you get rid of such and therefore live in a healthy environment. Most of the time, upholstery cleaning should be done by professionals. Below are some of the benefits of keeping your upholstery clean?

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Enables you to live in a healthy environment

With time, germs, bacteria, molds and even fleas can accumulate in your furniture without even your knowledge. The buildup of such pathogens can get to the point whereby, they can cause health problems to both you and your family. They make the whole place unhealthy to live in and may cause allergies and other health problems. With proper upholstery cleaning, you can eliminate such bacteria and live in a safe, clean environment.

Improve the air quality – Stains from spillages on the furniture often create bad odors in your house. Bad air quality in the home can cause breathing problems but by having your upholstery properly cleaned, you can get rid of such odors. This improves the air quality of your home making it pleasant and healthy to live in.

Extend the life of your upholstery

Upholstery is usually expensive and this is mainly because, the material used to make it is expensive. When you invest in upholstery, you want it to last for a very long time but unfortunately, the buildup of dust, dirt, and even termites on the upholstery can rapidly reduce its life. You will end up spending a lot of money on repairs or even on replacing the furniture. With proper cleaning, you can actually extend the life of your upholstery saving you a lot of money.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Spokane


This is one of the main reasons why your upholstery needs regular cleaning. The dirt & grime that accumulate in your furniture with time make them dull looking, old and worn out. Proper upholstery cleaning can enrich the appearance of your furniture giving them a shinny, stunning look.

Good impression – Every time someone comes to your house, and notices your clean furniture, they create a great impression of you. If your upholstery is dirty, it will portray a bad image of you but you can change that by having your upholstery properly cleaned.

How often should you do upholstery cleaning?

Surprisingly, many individuals do not clean their upholsteries at all but regular cleaning is very important. Furniture should be cleaned at least every two years or as often as you possible.

Should you hire a professional Upholstery cleaning company or do it yourself?

Many people properly want to keep the maintenance cost of their furniture as low as possible and that is why they prefer doing the cleaning themselves. When doing this, you can either rent an upholstery cleaning machine or purchase one.

If you truly want to enjoy the full benefits of having clean furniture, you should consider hiring the services of an upholstery cleaning company unless you are an expert in the area. Upholstery cleaning Spokane companies have the proper equipment and professionals who have a lot of experience and expertise in doing the job. They will definitely clean your furniture using the right cleaning solutions in no time leaving them spotless. Having professionals do the cleaning will ensure that no damage is done on your upholstered pieces. There are several upholstery cleaning Spokane companies and when choosing one, you need to look at the company’s history, its customer reviews and most importantly, choose a company that has the proper certifications to do the job.

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Regular upholstery cleaning is very essential as it not only ensures that your furniture is in great condition but it also enables you to live in a healthy environment. Enjoy all these benefits by having your upholstery cleaned regularly.

We can clean most upholstery from Micro-Fiber to Haitian Cotton. Don’t worry about coming home to a wet couch our drying times for upholstery are fast within one hour.