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Have you ever had wine, juice or other red stains on your carpet? Then you’ll know exactly how hard those red dyed stains are to get out. It will end up staining your beautiful carpet. If the rug was made out of bright colors, you will feel uneasy each time you will receive important guests in your home. There are several procedures which you can apply to remove the dye from your carpet. There are also several detergents which you can use to remove the stains from your beautiful carpet as well. Even if you will be careful not to have the dye spilled on the carpet, accidents do occur and you will end up finding your carpet in a mess. The frequency will even go up if you will have children in the home. They will end up playing with the dye when you are not around and spill it on the carpet.

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Spokane Wine Stain and Red Dye Removal

How to remove heavy red stains from carpet and why it’s important

1. Blot the affected area

Among the first steps, you should take in your red dye removal from carpet is to blot the area with a dry or slightly damp cloth. This is necessary to absorb the stain which has not soaked into the carpet fabrics. You should blot the carpet gently so that you will remove the stain. You should always avoid scrubbing the carpet because it will lead to forcing the stain further into the fabrics. When blotting the area you should start from the outer edges of the stained area towards the center. This is necessary to avoid spreading the red dye further on your carpet. Gentle blotting will lift the stain out hence making it easy for you to get rid of the red stain from the carpet. The rug which you will use to blot the affected area should be plain without any color. This is necessary because a colored cloth can further stain the carpet.

2. Apply a stain removal solution to the affected area

You can use any detergent on the affected area. If you have a homemade stain removal solution, just apply it. If you are among those who will like to buy over the counter solutions, you can as well buy one from the market and apply sparingly on the affected area. Avoid drowning the dye with removal solution because it can make the stain go deeper into the carpet fabrics. Avoid a solution which has a bleaching effect if you are trying to remove the stain from a carpet which is colored. This is necessary because the bleaching agent can interfere with the color of your carpet.

3. Allow the detergent to soak into the carpet for about 10 minutes

In order for the stain removal solution to act on the stain and make it easy for you to remove it, allow the solution time to sit on the carpet. Children and pets can easily jump onto the carpet when you are still waiting. You should always keep an eye on them and discourage them from coming into contact with the chemicals used in making the stain removal solution.

4. Dab a washcloth in distilled water and use it to blot on eh stained area

In order to lift the stain which has been dissolved by the solution, you need to take a washcloth and dip it in distilled water. Start dabbing from outer edges of the stained area moving towards the center. Use the washcloth to dab on the affected area so that you will remove the stain. If the stain is proving to be tough, you can mix the distilled water with a teaspoon of vinegar before you blot the area. Apart from a washcloth, you can use a paper towel to blot the area. Always blot gently and avoid scrubbing because it can make the dye soak deeper into the carpet fabrics which will make it hard for you to get rid of the red stain completely.

It is very important for you to remove the dye from your carpet so that you will always maintain the good look of the carpet. Leaving the stain for too long it can spread further making it hard for you to remove it. You will always feel good with a carpet which is attractive to your guests. The stain can make it unpleasant to the eyes.

Red dye includes Kool-Aide, wine, grape juice, orange juice, orange/red pops and even some types of ink. Sometimes you might try to clean these problems but this can make the problem worse. Don’t do anything and call us. We are the experts at removing these products and have seen everything so no job is too big.

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