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We all know the normal wear and tear our carpets take on a daily basis but what about the unforeseen accidents. Has your dog or cat tried to claw their way from a room? Does your carpet bunch up in the middle of the room making walking or vacuuming an obstacle? Has that transition piece finally come up? We have you covered and can fix all of that easy! Call us for an estimate.

Carpet re-stretching and repair is an exercise which can be carried out by professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. In the re-stretching process, the professionals will have to remove the carpet and stretch it so that they will get rid of ridges which may have been formed due to peeling off of the carpet. Your carpet will look attractive after you re-stretch it. If there are any areas which have been worn out, you can have them repaired during the re-stretching process.

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Carpet Re-stretching and repair process

1. Peel the carpet back

The re-stretching process will start by peeling the carpet back. Start by pulling from one corner of your house. You can as well grab the corner of the carpet using a pair of pliers and pull it slowly away from the tacks. The carpet should be anchored at least one side of the house when peeling it. You should avoid pulling too hard because it can damage the carpet fibers. Ensure you remove the entire length of the carpet so that you will stretch the entire area before you reset it. Only leave a small part anchored to the far end corner. The part which you will leave without peeling off should not have any ridges which will have to be re-stretched.

2. Remove the old tack strips

The old tack strips will hold the carpet to the floor when it is fully stretched. You should remove them after you have peeled off the carpet from the floor. This is necessary because the carpet which you will spread after stretching will not be held firmly in position by the old tack strips. You should be careful when removing the tack strips in order to avoid injury. Use gloves when handling the tack strips to avoid injuring your hand.

3. Reset the carpet and stretch it

When ready to reset the carpet, cut the pad so that it will rest next to the tack strips. In order to ensure the pad stays in position, you can staple it after every 3 inches. Use a power stretcher to stretch the pad. The excess which will be left after the stretching action can be cut using a utility knife. In the stretching process, you will have to use a power stretcher. The tool has simple instructions which you will follow to stretch the carpet. With the right application of the stretcher, you will evenly stretch the carpet. It will depend on the span of the carpet which you will stretch at a time if you will stretch short spans, and then you will need less pressure. You will easily see how the carpet has stretched and where you will need to apply more stretches. Confined areas can be stretched using a knee kicker. You will have your carpet looking great after the stretching session.

4. Power stretch the length

In order for the entire length of the carpet to stay stretched, you should finish by power stretching the length. You can apply the power stretcher on small sections then move to the area where the carpet was left anchored to the floor. Apply the stretcher on small sections so that you will move gradually till you cover the entire area. If there are some areas where the carpet has been damaged due to wrinkles, you can stretch the area and have your carpet looking awesome. The stretching process is among simple tips you can apply to repair your carpet which is looking ugly. Instead of rushing to buy a new carpet, which is expensive, you can prolong the life of your old carpet through re-stretching and repair. Different types of carpets available will require different levels of repair. It is always necessary for you to check on the manufacturer’s instructions on how to repair the carpet. You can as well stick to the general procedures used when repairing certain types of carpets depending on the materials used in making them.

5. Finish with the carpet cutter

After the carpet is completely stretched, there will be excess which will be left. You need to use a cutter and have the carpet cut perfectly. When applying the cutter, you will have to use woodwork which will trap the carpet for you to cut accurately with great ease. In order to avoid cutting the carpet too long or too short, always press it hard against the woodwork when using the carpet cutter.