Pet odor removal

Simple Methods To Remove Pet Odor From Carpet

Almost everyone has a pet in their house now-a-days and all the lovers and owners of pets know the benefits they get into their lives. Pets act as a stress reliever and provide joy and happiness in the family. But, most of the time they make the rugs and carpets dirty either by urinating on it or by bringing the mud from outside. Soon after the whole house starts to stink and the smell is very strong, especially the ammonia odor coming from the urine. Hence, there is a need of pet odor removal from carpet and below you can find out simple methods to do so.
– The first step is to remove the pet stains as quickly as possible, while it is still wet. The growth of the bacteria increases if the urine dries. Putting paper towels will be the best option to remove stains from the recently wetted area of the carpet. Pressing the paper towels against the carpet so that can absorb maximum wet urine will prove effective. Walking on the paper towel will help to do so and it will cause a reduction in urine smell.
– Once the maximum amount of wet urine has been removed the second step will be neutralizing the urine odor. Sometimes it so happens that we are too late to notice the urine or we are at work and all the urine has been already soaked by the carpet. Still, we can use the simple steps to remove the stains, which are as follow:

1. You can use vinegar to remove the odor for new as well as set-in stains. All you need is distilled vinegar, lukewarm water and baking soda. Mix the vinegar and water in the ratio 1:1 and spray or apply it on the infected area. The smell of ammonia coming from the urine will be easily neutralized with vinegar and this makes it a good choice for the protection of your carpet. The other good thing about vinegar is that it doesn’t damage the carpet fibers.

Pour the solution slowly in the area of the carpet that is stained. See that the lower fibers of the carpet come in contact with the solution so that the stain can be fully neutralized. Soak up the remaining liquid after 15 minutes with the help of paper towels.

Now the carpet will take several hours to dry up and once it is done the area should be sprinkled with a baking soda. Since baking soda is known as nature’s odor remover, it will completely remove the odor by teaming up with vinegar. After 15-20 minutes, vacuum the entire area to remove the excess baking soda from the carpet fiber and this should remove the smell.

2. Another remedy can be the use of baking soda and hydrogen-peroxide mixture. All you need is these two substances along with dish liquid. Sprinkle a handful of baking soda over the area of stain after the paper towels have soaked the excess liquid. Now mix the dish liquid with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and then pour the solution or the mixture slowly over the baking soda and the stain. A cloth or a brush can be used as a scrubber to scrub the area. Now thoroughly vacuum the area and this should remove the tough stain.

3. If the above remedies are not able to remove the smell of urine from your home, then air fresheners, deodorizers and commercial pet stain removers can be used and the market is filled with them. Depending on the type of carpet you have, select the product as different products have different effects. Always read the label which odor remover works best for you synthetic fiber carpet or natural fiber carpet.
– If all the above mentioned methods fail to remove the stain and urine odor, then hiring a carpet cleaner will be your only option. These professional carpet cleaner will remove the odor completely as they use best quality solvents and machines. Your carpet will be as good as new within no time.

These were the methods of pet odor removal from carpet. Our pets can’t be blamed for what they do on our carpet and many times a lot of training also doesn’t help much. All we can do is protect our carpets from various other means available.

Animals are our best friends but they cannot talk. Did you know most of our furry friends give us signs, like peeing in the same spots? This is never fun to have in your house. Let us help you remove that pet urine and embarrassing pet odor smell. We have the ability to do sub-floor extractions specifically designed to get rid of that pet urine to get your house back to looking and smelling its best.