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We are very proud of being one of the top carpet cleaning company in the Nine Mile Falls area, but that is just one of the many services we offer our customers. We also provide carpet repair, restretching services, tile and grout cleaning, removal of pet odor, red dye removal and upholstery cleaning. Having a 24 hour emergency flood cleanup and damage repair is also one of our specialties. We have over a decade of experience and have seen and removed every imaginable stain from furniture or carpet. Give us a call and let us show you why we are the most DEPENDABLE carpet cleaner in Suncrest.

My name is Matt Clayton, the owner/operator of Dependable Carpet Care. Our company has served the Suncrest and surrounding communities for the past 15 years with a combined 22 years total experience.

At Dependable Carpet Care we pride our company on making sure our customers know they can trust that the job will be done right, with only the highest standards, always. Dependable Carpet Care offers professionalism, flexible scheduling, and emergency service when you need us most. Our top priority is customer satisfaction.

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Carpet Care Tips: How o Keep Your Carpet in Great Condition

When you take steps to keep your carpet in good condition, you can expect it to last for more than ten years. Unfortunately, most carpets last for just a couple of years before they become damaged or get so full of stains that they are no longer beautiful or comfortable. Good carpet care requires some effort on the part of the homeowner and by taking some few measures you can ensure the long life of your carpet.

Keep pets off carpets

It is hard for some people to keep their pets off the carpet for the simple reason that pets are considered part of the family. Much as you love your pet however, it is important to remember that pets are capable of causing irreparable damage to carpets. You should be particularly concerned of pets urinating on carpets.  Even if you clean up afterwards, sometimes it might be impossible to get rid of hidden stains and these could cause extensive damage to the carpet. Sometimes the odor from pet urine will only be eliminated by getting the carpet cleaned professionally be people like the Suncrest carpet cleaning pros.

Schedule regular vacuuming

People know that they need to vacuum their carpets but they might not know how often they need to do this. Ideally, a carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week or daily if possible. The dirt on the surface of the carpet will get embedded into the carpet if the vacuuming is not regular and this kind of dirt is not only hard to remove but could also damage the carpet. Failure to observe regular vacuuming could also lead to the development of spots and stains that might prove impossible to remove in the future.

Avoid excessive use of steam cleaners

In addition to regular vacuuming, many homeowners think that they can substitute professional carpet cleaning with frequent steam cleaning. Convinced about the powers of steam cleaning, such homeowners then proceed to use this method to clean their carpets as often as once or twice per month. While this helps get rid of dirt, excessive use of steam cleaners could have the adverse effect of wrinkling the carpet. This is rather unfortunate for all you need to do to keep your carpet in great shape is to make sure that it is cleaned by carpet cleaning Suncrest pros after every six or twelve months.

Avoid deodorizing powders

To keep carpets smelling good, some homeowners sprinkle deodorizing powders on them. While this helps keep the house smelling great, it might prove counterproductive in the long run when the powders get embedded in the carpet. Further vacuuming efforts will fail to remove trapped-in powder and you’ll have no choice but to organize for a full-scale cleaning.

Get it professionally cleaned at least once a year

DIY carpet cleaning has many drawbacks that could shorten the life of a carpet or make it a health hazard. When you clean the carpet yourself, you might fail to dry it properly and this could not only make the carpet shrink but could also make it the breeding ground for mold and mildew.

The chemicals that people use to clean carpets could also damage the carpets or harm those who handle them without adequate training. Rather than take these risks, you should get the services of Suncrest carpet cleaning pros to have your carpet cleaned at least once or twice a year. Charges for these professional services are quite reasonable when you consider the costs you might have to incur if you damaged the carpet or if its condition led to the development of health complications for the house residents.

Use house shoes on the carpet

In an attempt to keep the carpet free from dust and mud, some people remove shoes and walk on the carpet barefoot. While this is commendable, it only helps marginally.

Bare feet could be sweaty and this sweat will be transferred to the carpet. If you have applied foot lotions or creams on your feet, these too will be transferred to the carpet and your carpet could soon start releasing a bad smell and you’ll have to get it cleaned. To save yourself from such a situation it is always good to wear house shoes when walking on the carpet.

Get the carpet professionally cleaned after every major water incident

Should you be the victim of a major water incident such as a flood, it helps to seek professional help to get the carpet cleaned. This is especially the case when the water that has flooded the carpet is unsanitary. Simply washing it on your own and then drying it cannot guarantee that you’ll get rid of all the harmful bacteria and other pollutants. In situations like those, always use the services of carpet cleaning Suncrest pros.