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We are very proud of being one of the top carpet cleaning company in the Otis Orchards area, but that is just one of the many services we offer our customers. We also provide carpet repair, restretching services, tile and grout cleaning, removal of pet odor, red dye removal and upholstery cleaning. Having a 24 hour emergency flood cleanup and damage repair is also one of our specialties. We have over a decade of experience and have seen and removed every imaginable stain from furniture or carpet. Give us a call and let us show you why we are the most DEPENDABLE carpet cleaner in Otis Orchards.

My name is Matt Clayton, the owner/operator of Dependable Carpet Care. Our company has served the Otis Orchards and surrounding communities for the past 15 years with a combined 22 years total experience.

At Dependable Carpet Care we pride our company on making sure our customers know they can trust that the job will be done right, with only the highest standards, always. Dependable Carpet Care offers professionalism, flexible scheduling, and emergency service when you need us most. Our top priority is customer satisfaction.

We value your repeat business and referrals so please let us know if there is any way we can make your experience a better one, thanks to the entire Otis Orchards area for continuing to support us as we keep your homes and business floors clean

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For some people, carpet care only means the removal of stains. Stains are certainly an eyesore that mess the appearance of a carpet and they need to be removed. Yet carpet care is much more than this. The aesthetics aside, good carpet care prolongs the life of these precious items and improves the air quality in the home.

Moreover, neglecting the carpets could cause health problems as dirty carpets are incubators of harmful dust and allergens. What actions do you need to take to keep your carpet in the best possible physical condition and also ensure that it is not a health concern? Professional Otis Orchards Carpet Cleaning Company’s know exactly what to do in this situation.


Carpet Cleaning Otis Orchards wa

Keep your carpet clean by vacuuming it regularly. Daily vacuuming is ideal for a house with many occupants but if this is not possible, do it at least once a week. While some stains might be inevitable, you can keep them to a minimum by taking care of spills. A spill should be blotted out immediately using a towel –you should resist the urge to scrub at the stain as this could mess the wool in the carpet. There are spot extractors in the stores and you should have one in the house. Should you decide to use a stain remover, confirm with a carpet cleaning professional that it will really work for your carpet and not discolor it.

To limit the dirt-load, it helps to remove shoes when entering the house. Placing mats on all entrances also helps to limit the amount of moisture that reaches the carpet. While removing shoes helps, walking on the carpet bare foot will leave sweat oils on the carpet and these could stain the carpet or attract dirt. You should therefore walk with your socks on. Carpet Cleaning in Otis Orchards doesn’t have to be complicated.  It doesn’t matter if you lived on the North Pole, trying to clean your own carpets is crazy when there is an expert out there that does it every day.


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Extending the life of the carpet

Carpets get ruined by the furniture in the house especially by constantly moving chairs around. If you have heavy desks, you should place plastic mats under them to protect the carpet. Covering the heavily-trafficked areas of the house such as the stairs and hallways with plastic also helps extend the life of your carpet.

The wear and tear of the carpet is never even as different parts of the home have varying usages. To keep the wear and tear even, you should rotate the carpet at least twice a year. Carpets constantly exposed to the sun fade easily and you should save yours from direct exposure to the sun using blinds.

Should you have some carpets you are not using and wish to store, you must avoid folding them or holding them in airtight bags. To store your carpet, roll it with the front side in and wrap it with a piece of cloth.

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However much TLC you give your carpet, the time must come when you need help from a Otis Orchard Carpet Cleaner. Only a professional carpet cleaning company has the manpower, expertise and correct equipment to clean a carpet with the thoroughness required to remove all the dirt and therefore make sure that your carpet is not a health hazard.

If you live in a home with many residents (and especially young children and pets) the amount of dirt collecting on the carpet can accumulate in a very short time and it would help to have your carpet cleaned by a professional Otis Orchards carpet cleaner every six months. For homes with fewer residents, this should be done at least once a year.

Getting professional help means that only the right the chemicals are used to clean your carpet. This is not a matter to be taken lightly especially when you remember that use of the wrong chemicals could not only ruin your carpet but also cause injuries to you and your loved ones.

Attempting a DIY carpet cleaning job by hiring a cleaning machine might also mean that you’ll just do part of the job. The kind of tools that a professional Otis Orchards carpet cleaning Company has are the only ones guaranteed to do a really proper job. It is also worth noting that an improper carpet cleaning job – for example failing to dry the carpet completely – will expose your household to mold and mildew and the attendant health complications.

Carpets do not only make homes and offices colorful but are also important assets. Taking proper care of you carpet will give it a long life and whenever in need of professional help it is wise to seek assistance from Dependable Carpet Care.