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We our proud to be one of the top carpet cleaning company's in the Cheney Wa area. Carpet Cleaning isn't the only service we offer. We also provide restretching, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Pet odor or bright dye removal and upholstery cleaning. With over a decade of experience we should be the easy choice when it comes to choosing your carpet cleaning service.If you're in need of 24 hour emergency clean up give us a call.

My name is Matt Clayton, the owner/operator of Dependable Carpet Care. Our company has served the Spokane and Idaho communities for the past 15 years with a combined 22 years total experience.

At Dependable Carpet Care we pride our company on making sure our customers know they can trust that the job will be done right, with only the highest standards, always. Dependable Carpet Care offers professionalism, flexible scheduling, and emergency service when you need us most. Our top priority is customer satisfaction.

We value your repeat business and referrals so please let us know if there is any way we can make your experience a better one, thanks to the entire Spokane area for continuing to support us as we keep your homes and business floors clean

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When it comes to carpet cleaning, many homeowners are torn between doing the job themselves and calling in a professional. While you certainly can hire (or even buy) a cleaning machine, it makes greater sense to use the services of Cheney carpet cleaning professionals. Hiring cleaning equipment and doing the job yourself is cheaper but there are greater issues to think about more than just cost.
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The leading factor to take into account when thinking about the cleanliness of your carpet is the health of your loved ones. The DIY person could clean the carpet but might fail to dry it adequately. Wet carpets are incubators for mold and mildew and this has health consequences for the occupants of your Cheney home.

Professional cheney carpet cleaners come armed with the right equipment for the job and will do a very thorough job. Not only does the DIY person lack adequate equipment, he or she might not know how to properly mix the chemical used for cleaning. Improperly mixed chemical could not only cause damage to the carpet but might also injure you, your kids and your pets.
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There are many challenges involved in carpet cleaning that can only be handled by a Cheney professional. While most homeowners regularly vacuum their carpets and rugs, it is important to realize that vacuuming only removes the dirt on the surface. Depending on the number of occupants and the material used to make the carpet, some carpets will have excessive dirt embedded in the fibers of the carpet and this can only be removed by getting the carpets cleaned by the professional. Only a professional can tell the right chemicals to use, how to mix them up properly and the time it will take to remove the embedded dirt. A properly cleaned carpet does not only look better but also help improve the quality of the air in the house.

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Carpets come in a wide variety of brands and how you clean one brand could be different from how you clean another. A professional Cheney carpet cleaning Company will have the technical ability to tell the varying methods necessary for the cleaning of different carpet brands. Should you use cleaning chemicals that are not recommended for you carpet brand, you risk either discoloring the carpet or even damaging it permanently.

When you consider that you only need to get your carpet cleaned by a professional only once a year, the cost of this crucial service pales to insignificance when you consider the benefits it comes with. Moreover, the services offered by Dependable Carpet Care come with a 100% guarantee. This should the most skeptical person know that the company is completely confident about the quality of its work and will carry out a re-cleaning exercise if you are not completely satisfied with the service offered.

Apart from lacking the professional expertise to adequately clean a carpet most homeowners do not have adequate labor for the exercise. Before cleaning begins, you have to remove the furniture from the house and this might be quite a task if you live in a large home and have only your spouse to help with this exercise.
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Dependable Carpet Care come to your home or office with the right manpower for the job. This means that the job is carried out in the shortest time possible. It also saves you the time you’d have used going to the cleaning equipment lending company.

When you hire Cheney Carpet Cleaners you are assured that the chemicals and equipment used for the exercise are all certified. This is hardly the case when you buy chemicals on your own or hire cleaning machines. The use of certified chemicals and equipment means that your carpets are left sparkling clean, that all stubborn stains are removed and that the chemicals used will not hurt you or your loved ones.

All factors considered, hiring a Cheney carpet cleaner makes more sense than performing the task yourself. Rather than risk the life of your carpet or the health of your loved ones, the money you spend on this crucial exercise is actually a small price to pay.